Professional translations for every sector

What constitutes a professional translation? It’s the combination of linguistic expertise with an understanding of the historical and cultural context of parties involved.

Language Consulting Congressi collaborates with a network of native translators proficient in handling even the most complex language pairs, within Europe and beyond.

Languages are constantly evolving, and therefore so must we.
Ongoing training and regular glossary updates enable our network to deliver top-tier professional translations across various domains.

The services offered by Language Consulting Congressi also encompass multilingual page layout, meticulous proofreading and revision, preparation of print-ready files, accurate transcription and translation of audio and video content, subtitling, even voiceover work.

Professional translations for every sector
  • Germanic and Romance languages
  • Scandinavian languages
  • Slavic languages
  • Eastern languages
  • Middle Eastern languages
  • Print and digital media (art, design, fashion, luxury, popular culture)
  • TV and film scripts
  • Advertising and localization
  • Science, medicine, pharmacology
  • Economics and finance
  • Politics and current events
  • NGOs and institutional communication
  • Legal (contracts, sworn translations)
  • Technical (manuals, IT, engineering, architecture)
When a translation is done well, you can hear it, and in some cases see it. Whether it's a social media campaign, a tutorial, a webinar, or a podcast, videos have become one of the most widely used forms of communication.
At Language Consulting Congressi, we handle the entire subtitling and translation project for your videos, with or without timecodes.
  • Editing, text revision, proofreading
  • Copywriting (advertising, original website content, localization)
  • Multilingual page layout with print-ready files
  • Verbalization for conferences and congresses, in literal or optimized versions
  • Transcription and translation from audio files
  • Ongoing web content updates
Customized interpreting services

Customized interpreting services

After forming a detailed understanding of your needs, we help you choose the interpreting technique best suited to satisfying them: simultaneous, consecutive, or chuchotage (whispered). Each of these requires a high level of concentration along with a talent for understanding both verbal and non-verbal communication.

We have over 1,000 interpreters in our database. By combining their experience with the use of cutting-edge tech support, Language Consulting Congressi is able to guarantee high-quality interpreting services in any context, whether in-person or remotely.

  • Germanic and Romance languages
  • Scandinavian languages
  • Slavic languages
  • Eastern languages
  • Middle Eastern languages
Being an interpreter also means giving voice to those who cannot express themselves through spoken language. That's why we also offer Italian Sign Language (LIS) interpretation services, with the help of experienced professionals who can translate between Italian and LIS.

We are committed to combating all forms of discrimination and to making Language Consulting Congressi an ally in building a more inclusive society.
  • Congresses, press conferences, roadshows
  • Focus groups
  • Delegations
  • Guided tours
  • Trade shows, business negotiations, high-level meetings
  • Equipment rental for simultaneous and consecutive translation, in-person and remote
  • Audio and video equipment rental
  • Conference room setup
  • Selection and coordination of event personnel
We provide participants in a call or video conference with the opportunity to speak and listen in their own language. How?
Thanks to the quality and reliability achieved by RSI technology (remote simultaneous interpreting), it is now possible to conduct entire events remotely, making it easier for speakers, interpreters, and spectators alike, even when they’re not physically present.
With the lifting of restrictions on physical events introduced during the pandemic, RSI is no longer the only choice but one of the many options available to event organizers. Among the advantages are resource optimization, cost reduction, and a much smaller ecological footprint.
LCC’s suite of RSI solutions includes all-in-one video conferencing, the BYOD app, the digital bidule system, and even the most complex, remotely produced multilingual streaming, whereby:
  • participants and interpreters are connected remotely with appropriate tech support;
  • on-site participants and interpreters are connected remotely at the hub, with comprehensive tech support.

Carefully selected event personnel

With a database featuring over 2,000 meticulously selected event personnel covering the entire national territory, we work alongside you in choosing the most suitable staff for any corporate or private event, large or small.

The Language Consulting Congressi events team shares a solid work ethic and adheres to the highest standards of professional experience, enthusiasm, and presentability.

Our ability to maintain an impeccable standard of service is made possible by a network of highly dependable and skilled supervisors and tour leaders. From guest reception to the meticulous management of pre and post-event secretariats, we ensure that our clients' communication and image requirements are met with unwavering excellence.

Carefully selected event personnel
  • Congresses and conventions
  • Press conferences
  • Trade shows
  • Roadshows
  • Company parties
  • Welcoming, registration, and accreditation of participants
  • Attentive and constant presence in the venue and designated areas during the event
  • Distribution of informational materials, promotion of collateral activities
  • Implementation of the client’s instructions in function of the specific nature of the event
  • Courtesy and professionalism
  • Organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills
  • Proficiency in multiple languages (Italian, English, and others)
  • Attention to detail and strong problem-solving abilities
  • Teamwork mindset
  • Ability to work independently
Comprehensive event planning and management

Comprehensive event planning and management

While gracious hospitality is essential, it’s only a first step towards the overall success of an event, be it institutional, corporate, or private.

We offer a wide range of services to ensure that success, from selecting the ideal venue and catering solutions to coordinating transfers, managing secretariats, enlisting notable speakers and public figures from Italy and abroad, supplying promotional items, and much more.

We meticulously attend to every aspect, from concept to execution, down to the smallest detail.

  • Comprehensive event planning and coordination
  • Budget management
  • Graphic design and project development
  • Program planning and definition
  • Pre and post-event secretariat, with or without a dedicated registration and database management platform
  • Venue sourcing
  • Setup and technology
  • Management of conference and meeting content, including concept development, event direction, and slide management
  • Multilingual hospitality services
  • Ceremonial and protocol support
  • Linguistic services, simultaneous and consecutive interpreters
  • Rental of simultaneous translation equipment for on-site and remote use
  • Photography and video services
  • Travel and transfer coordination (air, rail, private cars)
  • Organization of logistics services with supplier selection
  • Premium catering services
  • Custom promotional items
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